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Lost and Found 2011

Pets can be posted by "The Pet Rescue Team"    

This info is emailed to rescues in your area to help find your lost pet!



Gods speed and a safe return to all!

Read about "Lost Dog Behavior"


Hopefully, your pet is wearing a collar with a tag identifying you,


the owner, with your name and phone number.

They should also have a rabies tag and a current license.

(Keep current numbers with your pets medical file.)



The first 24-48 hours are the most critical when your pet is lost.

Know that not all animal control facilities are required by law to contact each animals' owner.

A current license is the key to proper notification.

State law requires that animal control facilities only hold a stray or lost dog

without a current city or county license for 48 hours.

(many local animal control facilities hold them for 72 hours, but this is not required).  

And cats fare much worse.

Pennsylvania law dictates no required holding period -- many cats are euthanized immediately.


 Call your township animal control officer or police!


(Contact your township building for more information in your area.)



Dog Warden - Ken Rudasill - 724-898-9704 - state dog officer
Butler City -Triangle Pet Control - 412-771-7387
(Please note that these animals are only kept 7 days. 
If no one claims them they are hopefully taken in by Animal Friends
or another nearby shelter or rescue.)
Aggressive animals are euthenized.
Cats don`t stand a chance unless claimed immediately.
Butler and surrounding counties- EUGENE HENRY - 724-283-9956
Center + Oakland Township - Donald Wagoner -  724- 283-3083. 

  Animal Control Officer Serving:

 Adams, Buffalo, Butler, Clinton, Jefferson, Penn, Summit + Winfield Townships.

East Butler, Harmony, Saxonburg, + Zelienople Boroughs.

DENNIS SYBERT - 724-352-4732 (domestic animals only)

Email:padogcatcher@yahoo.com (spam blocked address).



Please check other shelters and rescues in your area to see if your pet has found his/her way there.

Give a full description of the animal and the area it was lost or has been found.

Make sure to leave your contact info also.

LOST OR FOUND Pet Listings




Check your local newspaper`s Lost and Found section.

Place an advertisement in the Butler Eagle or your local newspaper`s

Lost and Found section, 724-282-8000.(classified)

 Contact Armstrong Cable Service, to place a Lost and Found notice on Channel 10,