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P.O. Box 145
Lyndora, PA 16045
(724) 287-8334
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Rabies Clinic 

1 year vaccination unless proof of prior rabies.

Dogs on leashes!

Cats in carriers!


 Butler County Humane Society rabies clinics.

  Please check with your local Humane Society for updated

Rabies Clinics in your area.

  Petsmart in Cranberry, PA
Petco @ Butler Crossing


Below are some local resources to help.

ABC Animal Birth Control

Division of Animal Friends
2643 Penn Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15222-4621
1-800-SPAY PGH
For Printable application:

Animal Partners of Butler County
PO Box 585
Butler, PA 16003

Hog Heaven Rescue Farm
(male cats only)
2681 Mallory Road
Cochranton, PA  16314

Homeless Cat Management Team
Feral cat spay/neuter clinics
PO Box 100203
Pittsburgh, PA 15233
 Operation Spay Neuter, Inc.
PO Box 1604
Butler, PA 16003
Spay Neuter Clinic  
11644 Frankstown Road 

Penn Hills, Pa 



 Extra fees apply for Heat and Pregnancy

Low Cost Vaccination Available

Heartworm and Leukemia Testing

Free Exam Included with these services.

Western PA Humane Society
1101 Western Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15223

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