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Every Barn needs a Good Cat!

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   Our Barn Cat Adoption Program  

In addition to placement of sociable cats and kittens, Rainbow Animal Refuge occasionally needs to place feral and unsociable cats in qualified barn homes. Our barn cats can be delivered to their new homes by a Rainbow Animal Refuge volunteer. We provide our barn cats with a cozy "cat playpen" to live in for the first few weeks of life (if neccessary) in their new location. The crate allows the cats to acclimate to their new home without the danger of having them run away in search of their old stomping grounds. We are willing to go to great lengths for our cats - quite literally! We have traveled to approved barns within a 100 mile radius of Butler, PA to deliver our helpful mousers.

Interested parties are required to complete a brief adoption application. This application serves us twofold. First, it allows us to assess the sincerity of the applicant through the fact that they took the time to complete the inquiry. Second, the application provides us with a veterinary referral and other pertinent background information. There is no charge for barn cats, but a donation is very much appreciated. Donations assist in defraying the considerable costs of spaying/neutering, veterinary care and supplies such as medication or temporary shelter. Donations are tax deductible. Upon adoption of a Rainbow Animal Refuge cat, the adoptee must sign an adoption agreement. This agreement states that a kit must be properly cared for (daily food and water and yearly vaccinations) , stating the cat must be returned to RAR should any problems arise with the adoptive home. We want to place them in a permanent situation where they can still "earn their keep" and be an asset to the barn owner without reproducing. They can have a civilized environment with human care and other animals for companionship.

We also conduct follow-up assessment to ensure that everything is going smoothly with the placement.

If you have a barn available for our program.or to request a Barn Cat Adoption Application


Rainbow Animal Refuge  

# 724-287-8334

PO Box 145

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