Madden Mobile – An Addictive Mobile Game


For sure, we keep on seeking for some interesting and exciting mobile games that can offer some quick entertainment. There are some games like Madden Mobile which are pretty trendy and addictive in nature. It would not be wrong to state; Madden Mobile is one of the finest EA sports games which has completely taken the mobile gaming industry to very high level. Without any doubts, as a true mobile game lover, you will enjoy incredible graphics. Here in our short article, we will try our level best to discuss new tips which experienced players have encountered while playing the game. If you are thinking of making use of the Madden tricks, you need to wait a moment and go through our mentioned tips and tricks carefully. Without any doubt, a good tool will allow you to get unlimited madden mobile coins but still you must play the wonderful game safely and kill all possible chances of gaming account getting banned.

It is quite easy indeed to build a strong team if you are fully committed to spending some time and learn out the core concepts of the game. First of all, you need to pay attention to the live event. Just before going to work or school in the morning, it would be ideal to take part in live events.  With these live events, it really becomes possible to pull out the elite players. Yes, it might be tough for the newbie in the game to go for live events, so they need to make use of daily drills and achievements. These daily drills are best suited to earn some quick prizes and coins. Similarly, achievements are best suited to have more coins in your account. In the game Madden Mobile, you must play with a motive to get more coins. Definitely, the option of madden mobile guides are still a valid but only if applied properly. What is the point in using a tool which will get your gaming account banned? You need to be very careful while working with these tools. Always look for a safe option and keep on searching for quality tips and tricks.


Winning Madden Mobile game demands to build a strong team of elite players and for this, you must make proper use of player cards. It would be beneficial to take part in auction houses and look for players which you can get at below market value. Even if you desire to dispose of unneeded players, you must wait and try to adjust them in sets. It will allow you to attain more coins for them. These are pretty small but effective tips which will ultimately boost your chances of winning. Using tools to generate unlimited coins and cash is extremely beneficial but still, try to play the game safely and go for the new tips all the time. When you are able to do that, you will enjoy the Madden Mobile game and have real fun.

Simcity Buildit Is not A Game But An Engineered Addiction

simcity game

Simcity Buildit has all the ingredients to pull you into it and turn you into an addict. You will be hooked up with the game no matter how hard to try to avoid it. All the features and characteristics of its game play are designed by the developers for this purpose. You will need to build a perfect city, destroy some of the buildings, build zones categorically and make your city as much habitable as it can be so that you have a whole lot of happy citizens. When you have happy citizens, they will pay taxes which are the primary source of you, the mayor of the city.

Perfectly Engineered Features

The features in Simcity Buildit have been perfectly as well as patiently engineered by the best developer EA Sports very thoughtfully. It has all the elements to keep you engrossed in the game.

  • You can hear sounds which are very pleasant to the ears when you press each and every button.
  • You will be satisfied to see the way in which all the different parts of your city connects to each other and come to life.
  • The sound track in the game is very soothing and encouraging as well and is crafted painstakingly to attach you emotionally with whatever is happening on the screen.

It Is Obsessive And Fun


You will find yourself obsessed with the fun and enjoyment in the SimcityBuildit game when you find out what is behind all that the game allows you to do. Once you find it out it will be hard to restrain yourself.

  • The inclusion of social media feature into the game will make you to keep on clicking more and more until you see what is at the end of the road.
  • You are allowed to choose the type of generic region you want to play in and where on that blank map you want to build your city.
  • Build a road as the backbone of your city and divide it into residential, commercial and industrial parts and then the mechanics take it over to keep you hooked up.

Keep Your Sims Happy

It is your duty and responsibility as a mayor of the city to keep your citizens happy as you are the creator, developer and guardian of the city. A happy set of citizens will benefit you in many ways:

  • A bunch of happy citizens will pay more taxes so that you earn handsome and continuous revenue for the up keep of your city and further expansion.
  • The already staying happy citizens would invite other citizens to come and stay in your city which will gain lead to more taxes, trade and commerce.
  • As more people will come to stay in your city you will have less abandoned buildings in your city and you will have more fun to play Simcity Buildit.

The Interesting Features

There are several features that will help you to keep your citizens happy and all these features are so interesting and nicely designed that you will be highly intrigued while you proceed further. There are thought and speech bubbles which appear randomly and often come with boxes full of gifts. There are opportunities to manufacture goods which you can sell off in the Global market to generate cash apart from using game tricks.

The Best Of Experiences With NBA Live Mobile


It had been quite a long time that I had played an interesting game on my mobile phone. Lately, my friend had been urging me to try out an intriguing game known as NBA Live Mobile. The name itself caught my attention in the very first place. This is the sole reason that I wanted to try it out for myself. Post downloading it on my mobile, I realized that this game had a whole history to it. Therefore, I decided to check out its history, prior to starting off. As I was not a very big fan of basketball games, entering this world proved to be an interesting turn in my life. It did not take long for me to figure out that this game was not like other games that I had played with before. This game possesses all the capabilities and potential in itself to deliver levels of fun and excitement of NBA basketball in your fingertips. With this game, I could even check out on all kinds of latest news and updates about NBA games, in general. This game comprises of distinct kinds of features which actually makes it even more exciting to play with.

From setting up my favorite team to earning valuable rewards, I had it all. In NBA Live Mobile, post going through its features, I then decided to advance forward in it. In order to live an ultimate basketball lifestyle, I was first required to build a strong and steady team. By doing so, it naturally worked in my favor. Being a General Manager was not quite an easy job. Rather, it turned out to be an extremely tough and challenging job. Needless to say, with great powers come great responsibilities as well. In right to help my team stand up against all odds, I was required to come up with certain strategies as well. It was these strategies that further helped me down the line. To my pleasant surprise, I had a wonderful privilege of selecting my own players for the team. From past players to present, I had it all. Auction House was one such place where I could purchase new and topmost players for my team.

nba live mobile

In NBA Live Mobile, it was a necessity for me to raise and overcome from all kinds of obstacles. From completing challenges to fighting head on against my competitors, I was required to do it all. In this game, there consisted of three main modes of play. These are namely Live Events, Head to Head and Season games. Completing these challenges helped me gain a major boost up. With this, I was soon able to advance forward in this game. Completing a match in one of these modes also helped me to gain a considerable amount of Experience points as well. On passing through all these XP thresholds, I was then able to level up accordingly.

In NBA Live Mobile, it was simply a must to unlock new and distinct kinds of lineups. By doing so, I instantly gained enormous advantages in other major games like Head to Head and Season games. In right to annihilate my rivals, I was required to hustle through extremely fast paced two minute quarters as well. For this, i used nba live mobile hack for android to help me out. This game was actually filled with profusion of both small and big challenges. My main motive was to help my team survive against all odds and rise up above the ordinary. By doing so, I was able to create a mark and build my legacy as well. My team was able to undergo each and every thing, in right to reach an elite level.

All in all, this game provided me with an extremely positive and enriching experience to which I would always value it throughout my life. It will definitely prove to be an extremely suitable game for both amateurs as well as professional players too. With its easy to play methods, anybody can tag themselves in it. This game has been widely praised for its stunning graphics, game play and gaming console as well. I would thus definitely recommend this game to anybody who would be up for an exciting challenge.